• Plan for Child Education as early as possible
  • Each child is unique, so plan for their future based on their interest
  • Consider inflation while planning for child education need
  • Plan for corpus considering investments across different avenues like – Mutual Fund (Systematic Investment Plan), Gold, Child Plan, Debt Instruments
  • Diversification shall help to reduce the risk related to investments
  • Consider investing in child plan with a long term horizon, ideally 10 years plus
  • If planning of child education abroad consider the same with a higher amount which also includes travel, accommodation and other expenses

Fact O Meter

  • Average school education cost is Rs. 60 K p.a.
  • Average school fee has risen from Rs. 25 K in 2000 to Rs. 70 K – 1 Lac in 2018

Impact of Inflation on Education Cost
Need Current Cost After 5 Yrs After 10 Yrs After 15 Yrs After 20 Yrs
MBA / Post Graduation Courses 500,000 717,815 1,030,516 1,479,439 2,123,926
Education Abroad 2,500,000 3,589,073 51,52,579 73,97,193 10,619,628
Medical Course 3,000,000 4,306,888 6,183,095 8,876,632 12,743,553


  • Tuition fee can be claimed as tax benefit u/s 80 C – For maximum two kids
  • Premium for child plan cam be claimed u/s 80 C
  • Include your children name as nominee/appointee based on the investments done in their name
  • Prepare a “WILL” with adequate allocation for your children future goals
  • Start investing early & allocate percentage of income towards child’s future goals
  • Invest across different asset classes in order to diversify & reduce the risk
  • Invest in a child plan in order to secure a part of child education need